※As part of measures to prevent second-hand smoke, this facility will be "non-smoking throughout the building" from April 2020.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in using the outdoor smoking space.※
Kumamoto Ryusenkaku
We are operating with perfect measures against corona.

【Official】Kumamoto Ryusenkaku

Enjoy the finest moments with the hot springs of beautiful skin flowing from the source and the dishes of the chief chef's passion.

In order to receive a discount for LOOK UPKumamoto, a trip to rediscover Kumamoto, it is necessary to present a third vaccination certificate or a negative certificate for the corona vaccine.If you forget it, you will not be able to receive the discount.

To make our customers feel at ease...

  • We are working on measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

    In order for our customers to come to us with peace of mind, we are thoroughly implementing measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
    3 Dense To avoid "closed, crowded, and close", periodically wake up to change the air, wear masks for employees, and install alcohol disinfection spray in common areas and all rooms.

Day plan

  • Welcome to use only hot water.

    We also sell profitable bathing tickets.
    Please inquire at the front desk.

    Opening Hour
    8:00 to 20:00

    Adult(s), 400 yen
    Elementary school student, 200 yen

    Face towel sale 200 yen
    Bath towel rental 200 yen
  • Your banquet

    We are accepting large and small banquets.
    We have prepared a ceremonial ceremony as well as a bureaucrat, so please inquire.

    We will also pick you up from more than 15 people, so please contact us.


  • Room Information

    From the window you can see the Koshi River have a calm time.
    The relaxing and relaxing Japanese-style room is like a place like a house.
    The size is 18 square meters.

    We offer kotatsu in winter and wait.

    As hot springs come out in the rooms, you can take a bath at your favorite time.


  • Information on cuisine

    We offer a variety of multi-course meals every season.
    Passionate about ingredients from From Kumamoto Prefecture, please enjoy safe and secure dishes.

    Kumamoto specialty horse sashimi is also ordered separately.
    Please feel free to ask.

Hot Springs

  • Information on hot springs

    The quality of the spring is an alkaline simple hot spring with a pH of 8.3 or higher, and it is said to be "Beautiful skin hot spring".
    You can enjoy fresh Ueki Hot Springs while watching the tiles of Mt Aso.

    The hotel's open-air bath rock bath is a little softer than the inside bath, so it feels good to take a bath for a long time.

tourist information

  • Information on surrounding sightseeing

    In the spring we can see cherry blossoms in the riverbed in front of our eyes.

    In addition, there are Tawarakazaka Tabaruzaka Museum, which was a fierce battlefield of the Seinan War, and Ono Sensui Park, which is reportedly used by Komachi Ono for hot water.

    There are fashionable cafés that can be reached on foot, so why do not you explore the surroundings.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.