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  • 【Kumamoto Rediscovery Journey】【Look up Kumamoto】Business resumption has been decided! ︎

    With the decrease in the number of people infected with coronavirus in the prefecture, it has been decided to restart the "Kumamoto Rediscovery Journey" and "Lookup Kumamoto" businesses ^^!
    【Kumamoto Rediscovery Journey】
    ●Period for Accepting Reservations●
    October 1st (Friday) -December 31st(Friday)
    ●Accommodation • Day trip period●
    October 15th (Friday) -December 31st(Friday)
    It seems that the contents of the subsidy will be added to support the area affected by the heavy rain in July 2nd year of Reiwa! ︎ For details, please see the Kumamoto Rediscovery Travel Secretariat website ^^

    【LOOK UP Kumamoto】
    ●Period for Accepting Reservations●
    October 1st (Friday) -Start
    ●Accommodation period●
    From October 15th (Friday), 3rd year of Reiwa to Monday, February 28th, 4th year of Reiwa (check-out on 3/1).

    Please take this opportunity Kumamoto Ryusenkaku with your friends!
  • We sell discount coupons for bathing!

    We sell 6 bathing coupons for 2000 yen! ︎
    Usually, it's 400 yen for an adult, so it's a good deal for one time ^^ b

    Please come and visit us with just a drop-in hot water!
    We are waiting for you (^ _ ^)!
  • Infection prevention measures are perfect!

    Hello ^^ I'm a young service manager!

    It is the scenery of the breakfast venue ^ ^
    The splash prevention board is perfect for preventing infections!
    Alcohol sprays are also installed in various places in this facility.
    Please rest assured ^^!