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  • Introduction of Former Ueki Town

    • Ueki Town is the most famous watermelon producer in Japan. It is merged with Kumamoto City and is located at the northernmost point.

      Tabaruzaka Slope and Onono Sensui other towns with history and culture.
      From left to right, Kumamon Kyushu Shinkansen character “Kumamon”, Ueki Town special product watermelon, Tabaruzaka Slope
  • Tabaruzaka Slope, Seinan War largest battlefield in Seinan War

    • Hard-fought areas of the country the end of the civil war, Seinan War Tabaruzaka Slope

      From the fierce battle it has been discovered that gun bombs hit each other in the air.
      Currently, it is a landmark of azalea and cherry blossoms.

      From the left, the photo shows a Statue of a beautiful boy, House with bullet holes with House with bullet holes, Tabaruzaka Slope the cherry blossom season
      ※Approximate travel time from the hotel, approximately 20 minutes
  • Onono Sensui, Komachi Ono Legend

    • "The color of the flower is inconspicuous, I will spoil ourselves in my life, let me look down on you"

      Komachi Ono, a legendary legend that Komachi Ono, a singer of the Heian period and also known as an Komachi Ono beauty, used hot Onono Sensui
      The park across the road from Izumi is one of the 100 Kumamoto Hotaru no Sato,
      A firefly dance is entertaining around May
      ※Approximate travel time from the hotel, approximately 15 minutes
  • National designation important cultural property, Yachiyoza

    • Yachiyoza, an important cultural property designated by the country in Yamaga City, located in the northern part of the hotel

      Yamaga's husband, who flourished in commerce and industry at the time of Meiji 43, founded and built the Yachiyoza Association,
      On the verge of aging and decaying in the Showa 40's ...
      Now it has been restored and has been held since Tamasaburo Bando Performance, such as “Tamasaburo Bando Performance”.
      ※Approximate travel time from the hotel, approximately 15 minutes
    • Shopping at the Ueki no Michi station, Suika no Sato

      Ueki Town is known as the country's famous watermelon production area.
      Besides watermelons, it is also a fruit producing center for melons, oranges, and exactly the fruit kingdom!
      It is rich in nature and has flourished as a key hub of traffic.
      There are also many historical sights and restaurants using local fresh ingredients!
      Please drop in, once.

      ※15 minutes from the hotel